Legal Philosophy in Oxford



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Undergraduate programmes
BA Jurisprudence (law)
papers in Jurisprudence, Moral and Political Philosophy
BA Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
papers in Ethics, Jurisprudence, Theory of Politics

Taught postgraduate programmes
BCL (law) | MJur (law)
papers in Jurisprudence and Political Theory, Philosophical Foundations of the Common Law, Constitutional Theory
BPhil (philosophy)
papers in Political and Legal Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, others by special arrangement
MPhil in Political Theory (politics)
papers in Theory of Politics, Contemporary Political Philosophy; also BCL papers by special arrangement

Research degree programmes
DPhil (law) | DPhil (philosophy) | DPhil (politics)
MPhil (law) | MSt in Legal Research (law)
MSc in Political Theory Research (politics)
See our recent placement record for successful DPhils here











See our placement record for recent DPhils
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Visiting researchers
We are proud and lucky to welcome many academic visitors (faculty members and doctoral students) from other institutions. There are various formal channels, such as:
H.L.A. Hart Visiting Fellowships at University College
Occasional Visiting Fellowships at other colleges
Recognised student status in law | or other subjects
Academic visitor status in law

If a short informal visit is all you need please get in touch with John Gardner or Leslie Green to discuss options.