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New on this website: the placement record for  Oxford legal philosophy DPhils awarded since 2007 (March 2015)

Coming up: Open workshop on 'International Legal Positivism' in Oxford on 5 June 2015. (March 2015)

Oxford-Girona-Genoa Workshop on Legal Interpretation and Legal Philosophy, 10 April 2015 (February 2015)

Nicola Lacey to deliver the H.L.A. Hart Lecture 2015 on 19 May: 'Responsibility Without Consciousness' (October 2014)

Ernest Weinrib's Clarendon Lectures - The Jurisprudence of Corrective Justice - coming up in November (September 2014)

Two philosophers of law to be Visiting Fellows at All Souls in 2014-15: Annalise Acorn and John Tasioulas (May 2014)

H.L.A. Hart Visting Fellows at Univ in 2014-15: Amaya, Asgeirsson, Hübner Mendes, Plunkett (May 2014)

Congratulations and welcome to James Edwards and Sandy Steel, joining us in September! (May 2014)

The H.L.A. Hart Lecture 2014 is to be delivered on 27 May by Samuel Scheffler of NYU. Topic: private law! (March 2014)


















John Gardner to deliver Quain Lectures at UCL in April-May 2014: 'From Personal Life to Private Law' (December 2013)

Analytical Legal Philosophy Conference to cross the ocean to Oxford in May 2014 (October 2013)

H.L.A. Hart Visting Fellows at Univ in 2013-14: Zaibert, Arrhenius, Driver, Robinson (June 2013)

Author meets critics: Andrei Marmor defends his book Philosophy of Law on 24 May 2013 at All Souls (April 2013)

Announcing the H.L.A. Hart Lecture 2013, to be delivered on 21 May by Will Kymlicka (April 2013)

Meet our new colleagues Richard Ekins (St John's), Tarun Khaitan (Wadham) and Paul Yowell (Oriel) (October 2012)

Amanda Perreau-Saussine Ezcurra RIP. A much loved friend and colleague, a fine philosopher of law (August 2012)

Workshop on Shared Responsibility, 7-8 September 2012. All welcome! (August 2012)

H.L.A. Hart Visting Fellows at Univ in 2012-13 : Skorupski, Walters, Rabinowicz, Nehushtan (June 2012)

The Third Oxford-Girona Legal Philosophy Workshop, 22 June 2012 at University College (June 2012)

Announcing the H.L.A. Hart Lecture 2012, to be delivered on 8 May by Christine Korsgaard (March 2012)

H.L.A. Hart Fellowship competition for 2012-13 opens (February 2012)

Oxford tops Philosophical Gourmet Report 2011 ranking for philosophy of law (December 2011)

Philippe van Parijs appointed and Denise Réaume reappointed as Visiting Professors (September 2011)

Maris Köpcke Tinturé wins European Award for Legal Theory for her DPhil thesis (August 2011)

Tom Campbell to be Oliver Smithies Visiting Lecturer at Balliol in 2012 (July 2011)

Videos from The Concept of Law - 50 Years On (June 2011)

H.L.A. Hart Visting Fellows at Univ in 2011-12 : Rivera-Lopez, Gold, Gardiner, Katz, Star (June 2011)

Colloquium: Tony Honoré at 90 (May 2011)

Jeremy Waldron delivers Hamlyn Lectures 2011 on The Rule of Law and the Measure of Property (May 2011)

Celebrate 50 years since Hart's The Concept of Law with the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group (May 2011)

Collected essays of John Finnis published by OUP in five volumes (April 2011)

H.L.A. Hart Fellowship competition for 2011-12 opens (February 2011)

Jeremy Waldron in post as new Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory (October 2010)

Nicola Lacey takes up Senior Research Fellowship at All Souls College (September 2010)

Legal Science and Legal Theory - Oxford hosts international celebration of the work of Hans Kelsen
 (September 2010)

H.L.A. Hart Visiting Fellows at Univ in 2010-11: Ehrenberg, Sumner, Kumar, Tanguay-Renaud (August 2010)

Brian Leiter to be Visiting Professor in 2011-12 (July 2010)

Oxford philosopher of Law John Tasioulas appointed to Quain Chair of Jurisprudence at UCL
(June 2010)

Cécile Fabre from Edinburgh to Oxford (April 2010)