There will be no Hart Fellowships in 2015-16 as our funding has expired. We have plans to revive the scheme, or aspects of it, in future years. Watch this space for details.

The H.L.A. Hart Visiting Fellowship scheme was inaugurated at University College in 2005, with the generous support of Univ old members, to allow moral, and political, and legal philosophers (both junior and senior) to spend one term on research leave in Oxford, as guests of the College, following in Hart's own footsteps. Hart was a Professorial Fellow at Univ from 1952 to 1969 (while Professor of Jurisprudence) and later a Senior Research Fellow. More about Hart ....




H.L.A. Hart Visiting Fellows 2005-2015

Susan Wolf, UNC Chapel Hill, MT 2005
Doug MacLean, UNC Chapel Hill, MT 2005
Kevin Toh, now at San Francisco State U, HT 2006
William Edmundson, Georgia State, TT 2006
Elizabeth Ashford, St Andrews, LV 2006
Roger Shiner, UBC Okanagan (now emeritus), MT 2006
Jennifer Radden, UMass, Boston (now emerita), MT 2006
Tom Hurka, Toronto, HT 2007
Claudio Michelon, Edinburgh, TT 2007
Pablo Gilabert, Concordia, LV 2007
The late Amanda Perreau-Saussine, Cambridge, MT 2007
Denise Réaume, Toronto, HT 2008
Rae Langton, now Cambridge, TT 2008
Richard Holton, now Cambridge, TT 2008
Steven Lee, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, MT 2008
Kimberley Brownlee, now Warwick, HT 2009
Matthew Hanser, UCSB, TT 2009
Annalise Acorn, Alberta, LV 2009
Kenneth Ehrenberg, now Alabama, MT 2010
Wayne Sumner, Toronto, HT 2011
Rahul Kumar, Queen's (Kingston), TT 2011
François Tanguay-Renaud, Osgoode Hall Law School, LV 2011
Eduardo Rivera-Lopez, Torcuato di Tella, MT 2011
Andrew Gold, de Paul, MT 2011
Stephen Gardiner, U of Washington (Seattle), HT 2012
Larissa Katz, now Toronto, TT 2012
Daniel Star, Boston U, LV 2012
John Skorupski, St Andrews (now emeritus), MT 2012
Mark Walters, Queen's (Kingston), HT 2013
Wlodek Rabinowicz, Lund, TT 2013
Yossi Nehushtan, now Keele, LV 2013
Leo Zaibert, Union College, MT 2013
Gustaf Arrhenius, Stockholm, HT 2014
Julia Driver, Washington U (St Louis), TT 2014
Denis Robinson, Auckland, LV 2014
Amalia Amaya, UNAM, MT 2014
Hrafn Asgeirsson, U of Iceland, HT 2015
Conrado Hübner Mendes, São Paulo, TT 2015
David Plunkett, Dartmouth, LV 2015



Legal Philosophy in Oxford








Photographs: Susan Wolf speaking in Oxford 2005; Kevin Toh by Jorge Luis Fabra Zamora; Jennifer Radden by Psagacity (CC licensed - photo from video); Kimberley Brownlee courtesy of University College Dublin; Daniel Star speaking in Oxford 2012; Amalia Amaya courtesy of Universidad de San Andrés