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Oxford has had unparalleled strength in the philosophy of law ever since H.L.A. Hart became our Professor of Jurisprudence in 1952. Nearly six decades later, according to the Philosophical Gourmet Report 2011, 'Oxford University continues to be the world leader in legal philosophy, and by a wide margin: no school anywhere else in the English-speaking world has either Oxford's depth or breadth.'

Legal Philosophy in Oxford is an interdepartmental collaboration. The Law Faculty and the Philosophy Faculty, as well as the Department of Politics, contribute extensively to research and teaching in the subject, as do numerous Oxford colleges. The subject benefits from two dedicated University chairs, currently held by Leslie Green and John Gardner, and a University Lecturership, currently held by Nicos Stavropoulos.

A dozen other permanent University posts are held by philosophers of law. Our community of doctoral students









runs to 30 or more, and our courses are attended by hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students every year. And thenthere are the numerous academic visitors from around the world who come to pursue their work in our uniquely conducive environment (such as ...).